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Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

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DeckProtect Provides Protection from Covid-19.

This article was written in December, 2020 during the height of the Pandemic.


In a way, yes. I had not even thought of this until we got an email from Susana MacLean in New Jersey a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. She wrote:

“As the pandemic worsens and winter approaches, we in the north are trying to find ways to safely see family and friends. A fire pit will allow us to gather outside, but the heat may burn our brand new, wooden deck, so we are eager to protect it.
I was hoping the DeckProtect would be here by Thanksgiving, when my children will come home from college and want to invite their friends over. I will keep my fingers crossed.”

Experts Agree

When I read this email, it occurred to me that in fact l, myself, had been having company over to sit around our fire pit, rather than in the kitchen or living room to take advantage of the safer outdoor air.

Experts agree that transmission is greatly reduced in the out-of-doors where there is a constant resupply of fresh air, especially if there is a breeze.

The North Pole

Here is what surprises me. Like Ms. MacLean, I also live in the north, but I have not used our fire pit in weeks simply because it is too cold. Turns out that, apparently, I am an old wuss. We have been seeing many sales in late fall from customers in northern states. They are obviously hardier than I am. Last December we shipped a DeckProtect to a customer in North Pole, Alaska. There really is such a town, and we really had a customer from there order a DeckProtect on December 24!


Ms. MacLean did receive her DeckProtect in time for Thanksgiving. Her family and friends were able to enjoy a fire pit on their new deck and stay safe from Covid.

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