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Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

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LumbeRock Composite Decking

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You can safely use any fire pit on any kind of decking with DeckProtect
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Founded in 2000, the company introduced its LumbeRock@ decking product in 2009. Based in Elgin, Illinois, northwest of Chicago, LumbeRock offers a full line of decking profiles as well as tongue and groove porch board, railing and fencing.
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LumbeRock composite decking
Photo by Phil Dickinson for this web site


composite decking samples.. Notice in this photo that, unlike almost all other composite decking, the color is through and through, not just on the surface. The composite is a "mineral fill compound with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic." No wood or organic filler. This makes the decking board completely impervious to moisture. It is 100% waterproof and "can withstand prolonged submersion in saltwater and fresh water environments." The above photo shows a square or solid edge profile. It is also available in a grooved edge profile for use with hidden fastening systems. While LumbeRock is a solid choice for residential decks, it is particularly well suited for waterfront applications like boat docks and walkways.
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LumbeRock decking color selection
LumbeRock is available in 12 solid colors with an embossed woodgrain surface. Unlike most other composite brands, there is only one version, not a choice of "good, better, and best."
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Can you use a Fire Pit on a LumbeRock Deck?

Based on our testing of capped composite decking under a fire pit, we definitely would not recommend using a fire pit on an unprotected LumbeRock deck. Read More.
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The LumbeRock web site is:
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