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Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

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Envision Composite Decking

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Envision Composite Decking
Photo by Phil Dickinson for this web site
Since early 2000's, Envision Outdoor Living has been making a composite decking in a process that uses "tremendous heat and pressure to physically bond the materials together — creating decking that is … dens, strong, and engineered to last." The Pennsylvania company offers four variations of its decking as well as aluminum, vinyl, composite, and steel railing systems. The company's web site, unlike most of its competitors, does not talk about its materials being recycled. It is likely a wood-plastic composite, but that is not specified.
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Envision Distinction

(not shown) is their top-of-the-line composite decking. It is offered in four multi-tonal colors: Rustic Walnut, Grey Wood, Shaded Auburn, and Spiced Teak. It is capped with what is probably High Density Polypropylene (HDPE) and infused with natural coloring to emulate exotic woods. A major selling point is that the embossed grain pattern does not repeat, and every board will be different.
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Envision Expression Composite Decking
Photo by Phil Dickinson for this web site

Envision Expression

is similar to the Distinction but is offered in four solid colors for more of a stained or painted wood look It is capped on three sides with what is probably High Density Polypropylene (HDPE). Looking at the cap with a magnifying glass, you can see that the grain pattern appears to be in the composite as well as the cap. This seems to be the case for all four variations of their decking and seems to have been pressed into the board in the manufacturing process under great pressure.
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Envision RidgePremium Composite Decking
Photo by Phil Dickinson for this web site

Envision Ridge Premium

is similar to the Expression variation but is scalloped or "fluted," making it a more economical choice. The Ridge Premium is offered in five multi-tonal colors including a gray color and a very dark "Black Walnut" color. Like the other variations the grain pattern is non-repeating.
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Envision Evergrain

(not shown) is an economy version offered in three solid colors. While it also has an impressed grain pattern, it is not capped. Uncapped composite decking was abandoned by Trex and others early on because its ability to absorb moisture was problematic. It may be that Envision's high pressure molding and high density overcomes the problems experienced by early versions of composite decking.
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Envision EverClip Hidden Fasteners

EverClip Hidden Fasteners

Like most other composite decking manufacturers, Envision decking is available with both a "square" or "solid" edge and a grooved edge to accommodate hidden fasteners. Like some other manufacturers, Envision has its own brand (shown here). The screws are pre-inserted to save time.
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Can you use a Fire Pit on an Envision Composite Deck?

Based on our testing of capped composite decking under a fire pit, we definitely would not recommend using a fire pit on an unprotected Envision composite deck. Read More.
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The Envision web site is:
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