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Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

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Barrette Outdoor Living /DuraLife Composite Decking

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Duralife Composite Decking
Photo by Phil Dickinson for this web site
Unlike other companies, DuraLife makes its selection of colors available in both solid and scalloped profiles. The scalloped, having less material, is less expensive. In other words, both quality levels share the same color selection. In the photo above are both profiles in "Garapa Gray" and "Golden Teak."
Barrette Outdoor Living, a major producer of outdoor products for the home purchased Integrity Composites of Biddeford, Maine, maker of DuraLife, in 2018. In January of 2021, Barrette announced a multi-million dollar investment to double the DuraLife production

DuraLife makes its composite decking with polypropylene, which the company explains has some advantages over other plastics. The composite is composed of hardwood flour and polypropylene. The result is decking board that is stronger than the competition, according to the Duralife web site. The result is that when laid perpendicular to the the joists, the solid profile can be 20" on center, as opposed to the standard 16" on center. The scalloped version should be placed 16" on center as it is not quite as strong.

In November, 2021 Barrette Outdoor Living announced its new tagline: "The Outside Company."
"Now more than ever, homeowners are taking their inside routines out — to cook, entertain, exercise, work — making the outside, the new inside," said Lori Miller, Vice President of Marketing at Barrette Outdoor Living. "This campaign offers compelling inspiration that helps people realize the best room no longer has to be in the house."


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Above: Duralife Brazilian Cherry. The Duralife Hardwoods Collection™ also includes Garapa Gray, Golden Teak, and Tropical Walnut. Non-repeating patterns mean that no two boards are the same. This helps to make the decking look like real hardwood.
The Landscape Collection™ of solid colors includes Coastal Gray, Mocha, and Slate.

All colors are capped and carry the same fade and stain warranty. And the company is proud to offer all colors in two different profiles. The Siesta profile is grooved both sides for use with hidden fasteners, and the MVP profile is the same, except that it has a scalloped bottom, which makes it lighter in weight and about 15% less expensive. Homeowners can choose the MVP profile for economy and get the same quality and color selection, with the only difference being that the lighter weight board is set at the standard 16" on center.

Duralife also has its own fastening systems and three styles of railing.
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Can you use a Fire Pit on a DuraLife Deck?

Any composite decking with a PVC or HDPE cap is vulnerable to heat from under a fire pit, especially a wood-burning fire pit. Some fire pits radiate more heat than others. This photo shows the result of testing a section of DuraLife under a fire pit. Read More
DuraLife Composite Decking after testing under a fire pit
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Duralife products are available through a nationwide network of representatives and distributors. Photos on this page, not otherwise credited, are from the DuraLife web site:
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