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Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

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What are the best fire pits for decks?

Type this question into your search engine, and you will get a lot of answers. You will see companies and web sites selling or recommending fire pits. But guess what, there aren't any good fire pits for decks. The fire pit manufacturers tell you not to use their product on a deck.
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Phrase your question a different way such as "What is the best fire pit for a wood deck… a composite deck?" You will get the same answers. Lists of specific fire pits, all of which can do real damage to a wood or composite deck. There is even a web site called "Deck FirePit Guide" that lists fire pits that should not be used on a deck.

To be fair, some fire pits are less problematic than others. For instance if the fire bowl rests on legs well above the deck and provides a lot of free space for air flow, it is much less likely to harm your deck than one that sits low and doesn't have much space for air flow.

Propane and natural gas fire pits don't burn as hot as wood fire pits can burn. However, many gas fire pits have enclosed bases that trap heat and don't provide free space below the flame for air flow. We can't say for certain that a fire pit will always harm your deck. There are a lot of factors, such as the temperature of the day, how long the fire burns, how many times it burns over the same spot on your deck. But if you find the web site of the fire pit manufacturer, you will see that they do not recommend using their product on a deck.

Try a different search:

Can I use a fire pit on my deck?

Here you will see some ideas that we would not recommend, but also a fair number of sites that warn you not to use a fire pit on a wood or composite deck, or to make sure you use a fire-proof barrier between the deck and the fire pit. Many sites recommend pavers. That may may or may not actually protect your decking boards as we saw in an email from a customer who had a bad experience with a slab of granite. Also pavers sitting on your deck with no air space under them will build up moisture and possibly mildew or mold over time and quite possibly leave a stain on the decking when you move them.

You will also see web sites with photos of decks built AROUND the fire pit, not under it. This is really the right way to do it. And there are beautiful examples of this technique with really elegant decks and seating. The only downside being that it is a much more expensive project.

Google will also help you along by saying:
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What fire pits are safe for decks?

And Bing will help you along with:
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Fire pits for deck use

Then you are right back to where you were with the question at the beginning of this article and some web sites showing fire pits whose manufacturers will tell you in no uncertain terms to not use their product on a deck.

It is important to remember that search engines serve up their answers based on algorithms. They don't employ a team a knowledgeable experts to decide which web sites provide the most accurate answers. Web site designers use Search Engine Optimization to get their sites placed under certain searches.
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