Fire Pit on a Deck Protector Mat

Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

Composite deck with mountains in the background
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Fire Pits and Decks

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Review: The Breeo-X-24

We take a close look at the smokeless fire pit that has become an American favorite. Read More
Breeo X Series 24 on a deck with sunset in the background
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Best Fire Pits for Decks

Ask your search engine this question, and you will see answers, but not necessarily good answers. Ask whether you can use a fire pit on a deck and see what you find. Read More
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What Causes Deck Fires?

Fires that start on decks and spread to the house are not uncommon. Read More
Fire fighters called to fight a blaze on a deck caused by a fire pit
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Breeo Fire Pit on a TimberTech Deck

The Breeo burns hotter than most fire pits. A savvy customer did some testing for us to see if it was OK on her deck. Read more.
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Is Composite Decking More Slippery?

Yes it is, but there is much more to know. For example how should you clean a deck and what type of composite deck is less slippery. Read more.
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Stay safe outdoors during the Pandemic.

We learn from a customer that her family is counting on their fire pit to stay warm while gathering safely on their deck. Read more.
Flames rising from a wood burning fire pit on a deck
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How NOT to use a Fire Pit on a Deck

The suggestions you see online for protecting your deck from the heat of a fire pit may not be the best advice. Read more.
Wood decking boards burned under a fire pit
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Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

Things you should know if you are thinking about building an outdoor kitchen or dining space. Read more.
Fireplace in an outdoor kitchen
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Composite Decking - An Introduction

Starting with Trex a number of years ago, composite decking has become a huge industry with many variations and options to choose from. Read more.
Close up view of typical composite decking
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A Closer Look at Composite Decking- Profiles

It seems like everyone is talking about composite decking these days as the obvious choice for your new deck, but it is not all the same. Read more.
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Composite Decking Manufacturers and Brands

There are now so many brands to choose from that this overall view may prove useful. Read more.
Trex brand composite decking
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Safe Use of Fire Next to Your Home

When you build a fire in a steel bowl at the edge of your home, fire safety is an obvious concern, but following certain practices should keep your home safe. Read more.
Flame in a fire pit
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Propane vs. Natural Gas

Two types of fuel for a fire pit or fire table — similar but also very different. Read more.
The blue flame of propane
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Made in America

The explosion in the popularity of outdoor living and fire pits has inspired American artisans across the country to turn their craft and creative thinking to this field. Cowboy Cauldron is a perfect example. Read more.
Cowboy cauldron on a snow covered mountain
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Trex Under Fire

A customer for a custom size DeckProtect did not know about our product until after the day he had to call the fire department. Read more.
Close up of composite decking burned under a fire pit
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Rooftop in Atlanta

An enterprising couple built a small but spectacular business on their roof. Read more.
Fire pit table on a rooftop deck
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Fire Pit on a Patio

Do you need a DeckProtect when your fire pit or fire table is on a patio, rather than a deck? There are two schools of thought on this topic. Read more.
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Header photo by Iriana Shiyan,
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