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Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

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DeckProtect™ FAQ

about DeckProtect, fire pits, composite decking such as Trex, fire resistance, grill mats, decks and patios

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Why does my payment go to a company called Ocean Color?

DeckProtect is made by Allendale Fibertect in South Carolina, a company I co-founded in 2016. As of 2022, I do the marketing of DeckProtect through my own company, Ocean Color Group, Inc. ……… Phil Dickinson

What determines DeckProtect Pricing?

It has a low profile, but a lot goes into custom making it. We work with a number of suppliers to source the materials, and there are many time-consuming steps in the production. Also, we custom build every DeckProtect as orders come in. There are too many different shapes, sizes, and colors to mass produce. Read More

What makes DeckProtect Worth the Price?

Some fire pits will definitely cause a lot of damage to a wood or composite deck. Other fire pits will cause less damage. Under certain conditions, such as a lot of space under the fire bowl and cold evening with a breeze, a fire pit may not cause any damage at all. There are a lot of variables, and it is hard to know exactly how much damage, if any, a fire pit will cause. The value of DeckProtect is that you simply will not have to worry about it, whatever kind of fire pit, and whatever the weather. The value is peace of mind for homeowners who have invested in a nice deck. It is important to point out, however, that this value is not how we establish pricing. The price is based on cost of materials and time consumed in building it. If we could have come up with a different design that would be less expensive to make and still give us the confidence to assure you that your deck will be protected, we would. We know that our pricing limits the number we can sell.

How Heavy is DeckProtect?

It weighs less than you might think. For example, the standard 24" square weighs 8 lbs. The 36" octagon weighs 19 lbs. One of the advantages of DeckProtect is that it is easy to pick and move or store.

How Much Weight can DeckProtect Support?

We build DeckProtect to support the weight of most fire pits with a load of hardwood logs and the weight of most fire tables up to 200 lbs. If you have a particularly heavy fire pit or fire table or a fire pit with a unique arrangement of feet, please let us know so that we can build your order to accommodate your fire pit.

How Tall is DeckProtect?

Combining the frame and the hard rubber feet, DeckProtect stands a little less than 2 inches high.

Can DeckProtect™ ship to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, England, or Australia?

Yes, absolutely. Shipping to the first 48 U.S. states plus Canada is priced in our shopping cart. To order from Alaska, Hawaii, or a foreign country, please send us an email so we can send you a shipping quote. Email:

Do I need DeckProtect for an AZEK deck?

We have found in our testing that Azek decking, which is an all-plastic (PVC) material, is more vulnerable to heat under a fire pit than capped composite decking. You can see the results of our testing here. To be fair, this test was conducted with a fire pit that burns hotter than most. However PVC decking is likely to see some damage under almost any fire pit if not effectively protected.

What is the difference between DeckProtect and a fire-resistant grill mat?

A grill mat is designed to catch grease splatters and sauce spills. DeckProtect is a complete system of protection specifically engineered for use under a fire pit with an inch of basalt (volcanic rock) fiber board that cannot catch fire. A pad of any kind left on a deck may become damp underneath or collect moisture and result in an unsightly stain on the deck. DeckProtect’s specially designed heavy aluminum tray and feet avoids contact with the deck surface.

Is DeckProtect™ fire proof?

It is completely nonflammable. We put a propane torch to it. The flame from a propane torch reaches 2000 degrees Fahrenheit but does not cause the basalt (volcanic rock) fiber board we use in DeckProtect to flame or catch fire. The heat under a fire pit will not likely be more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit

Is DeckProtect Weather-Proof? Can I leave the DeckProtect in place under the fire pit when I am not using it?

Yes. DeckProtect is weather-proof. You can leave DeckProtect outside through all seasons and weather. The only issue is the the basalt board can absorb water like a sponge. This will not affect its ability to protect your deck. It should dry out on sunny, dry days. However, if it does not have a chance to dry out, you may want to move to an area where it can dry out, perhaps leaning it against a wall. If it goes for a year or so without drying out, you may see a greenish tinge on the surface as algae develops. This can be cleaned with a solution of water and bleach.

Does DeckProtect work with composite decking?

Yes. Trex, the largest manufacturer of composite decking actually recommended DeckProtect in a technical sheet as the best alternative to custom building deck around the fire pit.

Is DeckProtect as effective as custom building the deck with a special opening for a fire pit?

A custom built deck with a built-in fire pit can be a great way to enjoy a fire pit on your deck and is probably a much more elegant solution than our product. However, custom building the deck actually has a couple of disadvantages compared to using DeckProtect. One, of course is cost, which could be substantial. The other is that you can’t use that part of the deck for anything else. With DeckProtect, you can place your fire pit on one side of the deck in the spring, and on the other side of the deck in the fall. Or you can put it aside to set up a dinner table, or a game. DeckProtect fully protects your deck for a fraction of the cost while giving you complete flexibility.

Can DeckProtect be used on a lawn?

No. We do not recommend DeckProtect for a lawn because the feet sink into the grass. DeckProtect needs to be placed on a hard surface such as a deck or a patio.

Can DeckProtect™ be used with a gas fired fire table?

Yes. It may be particularly important if the fire table is designed with a base that traps the heat and doesn't allow for adequate ventilation under the flame. Please check out a customer account of what happened when he used a fire table on his Trex deck. You would probably need to order a custom size for your fire table.

Should we use DeckProtect for a stone patio?

As the name suggests, we designed DeckProtect to protect wood and composite decking, which can be easily damaged by heat. We were not thinking about stone patios. However, many of our customers do purchase our product for use on a patio because they are concerned about the effects of heat radiation on pavers or embossed concrete. Heat damage to stone or concrete is not immediately visible, but over time, it can cause spalling and cracking. See our article on Patios.

Can I order a custom size?

Yes. Please visit our page on custom sizes.

Is DeckProtect effective for protecting decks from the radiant heat of outdoor fire places or chimineas?

Yes, we have a number of customers who have purchased DeckProtect for a fan outdoor fire place or chiminea. Please check out our photo gallery.

If I place the fire pit on top of the DeckProtect, will the feet of the fire pit dent or damage the basalt board?

DeckProtect is actually designed to support the weight of a fairly heavy fire pit with the added weight of logs. Depending on the shape of the feet, they may press into the board a little, but not a lot, and not in a way that will really damage the DeckProtect. If the feet of your fire pit are vary pointed or narrow, and you do notice them pressing in there is an easy solution. We have a page about foot plates for narrow feet.

Is there a way to clean the basalt if it develops a greenish growth?

The basalt board that is part of the key to the product's success is made of fiber spun from basalt, which is volcanic rock.  Just as you often see moss growing on rock surfaces, it can happen also on the basalt. One issue is that sometimes weather does not give the basalt time to dry out after a rain. You probably would not see any growth if the basalt had had a chance to dry out regularly. The basalt will retain water like a sponge. We recommend using a spray bottle with a 50/50 dilution of bleach and water. Spray the basalt liberally.  It will not harm the basalt or the color coating on the aluminum frame.  After a day or two, you should be able to simply brush away any growth on the basalt. It will be best if the basalt has a chance to dry out in the sun.

Where does DeckProtect ship from?

Our plant is in Allendale, South Carolina, which is in the rural southern part of the state near the Georgia line. UPS picks up daily Monday through Friday Shipping to a northwest state such as Oregon may take 6 business days. Shipping to a southeastern state can be as fast as one or two days.

How fast will my order be filled, and my DeckProtect shipped?

We generally ship the DeckProtect within 5-6 business days. However, because we make DeckProtect one at a time as orders come in, if we have a rush of orders, it can take longer.

What is your return policy?

DeckProtect comes with a one-year warranty. If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, simply return it in its original packaging within 7 days for a full refund of the purchase price. We do ask that purchasers to pay return shipping. And if it is defective or arrives damaged, we send you a replacement and a return label. More important, if there is anything at all that you find disappointing about DeckProtect, we want to know. Customer feedback is very important to us. We love hearing when customers are happy with our product, but we need to hear from customers who are not happy so that we can address the issue. Please email with any thoughts you have, good or bad.

What if the product arrives damaged?

DeckProtect can be damaged in shipping, especially the larger sizes. We designed the shipping cartons to minimize the risk, but we can’t completely eliminate the risk. If your DeckProtect is damaged when you receive it, let us know. We will ship you another one with a UPS label for returning the first one at no cost to you. You don’t have to take pictures to prove the damage…. just describe it to us by phone or email. We take your word for it and get another one out to you as soon as we can. If you are able to use it despite the damage, go ahead and use it until the replacement gets there. Please email

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