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Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

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About the Owner

Phil Dickinson
My company is Ocean Color Group, Inc., a business I started in 1995 as a printing and display studio. When I invested in Allendale Fibertech, the company that makes DeckProtect, in 2014, and took on DeckProtect as my own product a few years later, I did not see the need to form a new corporation. Therefore, Ocean Color is the company that markets DeckProtect.

Ocean Color is a very small company. That means that I oversee every order before it ships, and I take personal responsibility for every order. If you need to ask a question or make a complaint, I will be the one who answers. And I would rather lose money than ever have a customer regret doing business with me. If you are curious about Ocean Color, you can check the web site:
—————————————————————— Phil Dickinson
P.S. If I look worried in this photo, it is because it is my nature to worry. The product is expensive, and I worry that every customer will get the best we can deliver.
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