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Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

Welded aluminum goes into making decks safer under a fire pit
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DeckProtect has a very low profile. We are not building something that will be a showcase item for your neighbors to admire. Our objective is to provide a discreet system that will protect your deck or patio without disrupting the visual appeal of your fire pit.

Building DeckProtect, One by One.

But don’t be fooled by the low profile. DeckProtect engineering requires multiple components and hours of labor to build. We source our materials from nine different suppliers for sheet aluminum, extruded aluminum,
basalt, hard rubber feet, powder coating, welding supplies, packaging materials and more.

You have probably heard that inflation and supply chain disruptions are plaguing manufacturers and raising costs. We have been working overtime to manage our supply chain to keep production going. We have had to take a hit, but we have been able to keep it from getting out of control. So our pricing is up a little... but only a little.

Since our product is available in so many different sizes, colors, and shapes, we don’t mass produce. We make each DeckProtect for a specific customer when we get the order.
DeckProtect frame is powder coated in a choice of 4 colors.

Powder Coating and Basalt Tiles

After the aluminum sheet and extrusions are cut to size, set up in a jig and welded; after the welds and corners are smoothed out with a grinder; and after the frame is cleaned with a solvent, it is ready to get its permanent color. Each frame is sprayed with a color of powder coating. The frames are then baked in a special oven to cure the coating.

Powder coating enables us to offer a choice of 5 different colors. Even though DeckProtect is a low profile product, most customers want it to blend or coordinate with the color of the fire pit or decking. Decks add more than utility to a home; they add ambiance. How everything on the deck looks is important.
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Sturdy rubber feet are bolted to the frame. The final step is cutting basalt tiles to size and setting them into the frame in two layers. Then it goes to packaging.

Production of the Standard DeckProtect involves fewer steps. The frames are made from a single sheet of aluminum, which is cut to size and formed into a tray. The Standard DeckProtect gets the same two layers of
basalt board and protects your deck in the same way.
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