Fire Pit on a Deck Protector Mat

Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

Deck Protect Fire Pit Mat
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What Happens When You Use a Fire Pit on Composite Decking

We ran a test to find out.
TimberTech Decking
TimberTech® is one of the better known composite decking brands, established in the mid to late 1990's and improved thereafter with more realistic wood grain texture and variegated coloring.

Like several other brands TimberTech, is a "capped" composite, which means that the texture and color is in a thin layer of plastic covering the composite of polyethylene and wood fiber. It is this plastic layer that is most vulnerable to heat. Typically plastic capping "softens" at about 170 degrees Fahrenheit and starts to melt as the heat rises. Heat under fire pit varies with the type of fire pit and weather. Most wood-burning fire pits radiate at least 170 degrees under the fire bowl, and some much higher.
Breeo Fire Pit
To demonstrate how much damage a fire pit can cause, we chose the Breeo X-24 smokeless fire pit and placed on a grouping of different brands of composite and PVC decking.
Decking samples scorched and melted
The photo above shows the "circle of damage" after just 90 minutes under the Breeo with a fire going. Below is a photo of the 6" section of TimberTech Decking that was in this test and in the above photo
TimberTech decking burned by a fire pit
To be fair the above photo of what happened to this section of TimberTech decking is a sort of worst-case example because the Breeo X Series 24 burns hotter than many other fire pits. However this happened in just 90 minutes. Actually, it mostly happened in the firs 30 minutes because after I saw smoke coming from under the fire pit in just about 20 minutes into the test, I stopped adding wood and let the fire burn it self out which took about an hour. Damage under a different fire pit or on a cooler day would be different, but there would be damage. I used the Breeo on a warm evening in the summer not just to show what can happen but also to show that in those same conditions with the decking samples protected by DeckProtect, the decking samples showed no signs of damage at all. The photo below shows the same TimberTech sample after a longer fire under a DeckProtect.
TimberTech decking protected by DeckProtect
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